NSW Opposition leader uses Yahoo Answers to query voters

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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The Opposition leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party, Peter Debnam, has turned to the power of the internet to communicate with his constituents. Mr Debnam has posted on Yahoo! Answers asking voters how NSW could be fixed.

Mr Debnam said he felt there was a great number of issues left neglected in the state and asked for suggestions on how to fix the state. "I believe there are a great number of issues left neglected in this state what are your suggestions to fix NSW?" said Mr Debnam. It is the first time a major Australian politician has used a community-driven site to poll voters.

Mr Debnam will be contesting the NSW Premiership at the election to be held on Saturday, March 24.

Posters on the site have complained about issues ranging from poor transport infrastructure, the state's economy, emergency room waiting times and the funding of NSW schools.


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