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[edit] Template-info.svg Template documentation
See Wikinews:Style guide for more information on citing your sources.


    |title=Las Vegas hosts digital nirvana 
    |author=Alf Hermida 
    |pub=BBC News Online  (The parameter "|publisher=" is an alternate usage)
    |date=January 3, 2006}} 
  • If you cannot find the author of a source, leave that field blank. Do not use 'staff reporter' or similar
  • Please put in a (second level) section labeled Sources (==Sources==)
  • Format date as shown above
  • Always try to cite multiple independent sources
  • Articles that don't provide a URL are listed at Category:Articles with broken source templates
  • Category:Citation templates lists templates for offline news sources
  • For unsupported URL schemas (like mms:) use brokenURL=true
  • For publications (the 'pub=' or 'publisher=' parameter) please specify the exact same name under which the publication appears on Wikipedia
  • On those rare occasions when publication name should differ from publication link target, use additional parameter 'pubtarget='. You can also use this to specify a target project other than English Wikipedia.


Some story

November 24, 2014

Story, blah foo bar, Baz Fred.


you should always cite more than one source. Do not list multiple publications with the same wire report; instead try to list the originating location.

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