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Who: Cafzal (clearthought)
What/Where: Wikibreak
Back: When I am needed... maybe
Mood: Annoyed and disappointed
Message: I am taking a Wikibreak from Wikinews. I feel a bit unsettled with the POV (disguised as NPOV) I keep encountering on Wikinews. Funny thing is, I usually do not see this rampant slanting on Wikipedia. Anyway, I may check in, but don't expect me to be around too much. I am hoping for the best in that more people of more backgrounds will join WN and the project will diversify, expand, and adapt better NPOV and integrity statutes. It is also my belief that just having admins on Wikinews is not enough. Since it is constantly changing - like the news - WN seems to get many people trying to impose their own news agenda so their article can get a couple days in the spotlight, so I am starting to think it might be a good idea for WN to have news editor-like people who are a cross between a regular user and admin, but more active than both and more hands-on than the latter. I know there are plenty of fine people here, and I wish them the best.

I do a fair amount of work at the English Wikipedia (here is my User Page there). If you ever need help researching or reporting on a story, just leave me a message. Keep in mind that I am UTC -5. Here are My Contributions.