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The Quake[edit]

The Earthquake occurred at 12:02pm(csdt) early Saturday afternoon in East Central Kansas along The Crooked Creek Fault, which runs through the city of Bloom, KS! The quake occurred at a depth of 1.2 mile below the city! Some people did fill a slight shake! There were no reports of damage! Due to the grounds the fault line is under the ground were weak after a Major Rain Storm hit the city a week before! The Construction site is on Albright St and Kinney St. Witnesses say a large beam fell several stories from a crane! This accident is still being investigated by USGS! As for the construction site, it has been delayed and maybe shutdown and turned in to a memorial site for the young girl!!


We have just learned the Accident that occurred several weeks ago was in fact an Accident! According to a spokesman w/ the Bloom Public Safety Board "The Accident could have not been avoided!" The Public still doesn’t believe the police and some are speaking out...Now the FBI has been called in to investigate this event by public demand! Also another CSI unit was called in from D.C. because some people believe this investigation was an inside job to avoid any legal action! Now all we can do is wait and see what the Government finds! Reporting from Bloom, KS.

Update: 10/3/07[edit]

The family of Akemi is set with another loss as 2 of the family’s newest closes friends have died! Miho Taka and Mani Yuri died! Now just updated today Nayomi Kyoto (A 14yrold girl) has been diagnosed with Throat cancer at a L.A. Hospital! Originally diagnosed as T.B. the Cancer has shorten her life, according to doctors, Early to Middle 2012(with treatment)!

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