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I maintain a website which has some projects that may be of interest to you. Please note that my website is totally independent from Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and has nothing to do with Wikipedia.

The homepage of my website is the Wikinerds Portal.

My website has the following projects:

  • JnanaBase: General playground wiki and knowledge base. The goal of the project is to document the whole knowledge of the universe but also to play and be happy! :)
  • NerdyPC: Information Technology and computer hardware knowledge base wiki (already offers useful content)
  • Adapedia Computer Science knowledge base wiki (under construction)
  • AlgoLibre: A wiki dedicated to Free/Libre Open-Source Software (under construction)
  • Wikinerds Forum: for intelligent discussions among nerds and wiki supporters

Wikinerds, JnanaBase, AlgoLibre, NerdyPC are unregistered trade marks of NSK