Australian baby found in bush area

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Monday, September 6, 2021

A young boy was found in the Australian bush area, three days after he had gone missing. The boy, A.J. Elfalak, is autistic and is nonverbal. Sources indicate the boy's only injuries were diaper rash and ant bites. PolAir saw the child and helped him. The boy said he hadn't slept and was in the bush for four days.

The boy also had fallen over said sources. He was taken to a nearby hospital for checking out. New South Wales police superintendent Tracy Chapman said that "I think [being] so close to water is potentially what gave him that opportunity to survive". Sources say that AJ was close to water so it gave him a chance to survive. AJ is back with his family. He was found in the Hunter region of New South Wales.

The boy lives in Putty, where he got lost. A search effort was set up to look for AJ. A paramedic said the boy was in good health. A family friend was happy to hear AJ was safe. The mother of AJ stopped conspiracy theories about AJ's disappearance. AJ's mother said he only had a couple of bruises. Temperatures were around 42 degrees the nights AJ was missing.