Bush calls for congress to make more money available for Food Aid

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bush speaking on Food Aid yesterday

George W. Bush, the President of the United States recently discussed Food Aid in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House. He called for extra funds to be allocated by Congress to support food aid. "I am calling on Congress to provide an additional $770 million to support food aid and development programs. Together, this amounts to nearly $1 billion in new funds to bolster global food security," he said.

His reasoning for asking for the increased funding was that the "funding will keep our [the US's] existing emergency food aid programs robust."

Bush declared that food aid in the past had been successful; he claimed that the US has "been the leader for providing food to those who are going without in the past, and we will continue to be the leader around the world."

On the topic of the delivery of food aid, the President commented, "as America increases its food assistance, it's really important that we transform the way that food aid is delivered. In my State of the Union address this year, I called on Congress to support a proposal to purchase up to nearly 25 percent of food assistance directly from farmers in the developing world. "

Bush then claimed that "America is in the lead" in delivering food aid, and that America will continue to be the lead in delivering Food Aid.

Furthermore, he stated that the US is "also working toward the conclusion of a successful Doha agreement that will reduce and eliminates tariffs and other barriers, as well as market-distorting subsidies for agricultural goods."

As his speech drew to a close, Bush asserted that people is the US "are generous people" and are "compassionate people."