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I am becoming very distraught about this stinking war, I cannot believe that our marines and a sailor are being charged with murder, our government is discreding our service people and doing a good job at that, how come the people who were investigated for killing children were found not guilty of wrong doing and these service people are being charged with murder for an adult man who is capable of doing more damage than a child., because this man was disabled doesn't mean that he is not capable of doing major killing of our kids.We send these kids over there they are scared, the country of Iraq has to be like hell and we expect them to behave like they are at the prom, maybe before we send these young people into horrid situations we should have them evaluated by a shrink, this is war not a dance, I do not condone killing of innocent people but these kids are put in bad, bad, circumstances and they are reacting accordingly, take these guys out of the military and let them heal from the problems they will encounter for being in Iraq and give them medical discharge. I realize that killing the Iraqs innocent or not is causing them to kill our military by kidnapping and beheading, these are evil people over there, we must get out of there before our kids are all in jail for murdering Iraqis. Think about the circumstances these guys are in and consider that before trying them for murder.