Comments:Local government officials confiscate London ice cream made from human breast milk for health reasons

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Comments from feedback form - "How would a mother have a hear..."008:49, 19 August 2011
breast milk003:34, 19 July 2011
No breast milk for adults!509:10, 27 March 2011
Comments from feedback form - "good!"022:05, 5 March 2011
ooo its perfectly natural302:31, 4 March 2011

Comments from feedback form - "How would a mother have a hear..."

How would a mother have a heart to do such a thing when she has a child to feed? a real stupid idea. (talk)08:49, 19 August 2011

breast milk

i think it's stuped and not good!!! (talk)03:34, 19 July 2011

No breast milk for adults!

I think it's absolutely disgusting to eat human milk made ice- cream. We aren't in the Hannibal's age. Besides a possible disease that could be transmitted through the milk, it's also morally wrong because by nature that milk isn't made for consumption by adults. (talk)23:37, 5 March 2011

It's not just a matter of morality. Milk (esp. cow's: humans love them for some reason) is very unsuitable for adults' health.

Kayau (talk · contribs)16:05, 7 March 2011

It might be the case for you - but not for all adults.

Most mammals develop a lactose intolerance when they're weaned. A lot of humans, particularly caucasians, have evolved to still be able to properly digest milk. SO your generalisation is incorrect.

Brian McNeil / talk16:52, 7 March 2011

Very few humans have this property. In any case, milk causes calcium loss.

Kayau (talk · contribs)09:08, 27 March 2011

I see nothing wrong with this. YUCKK!! don't eat chocolate...its made from HORRIBLE UNNATURAL MILK!! (talk)22:44, 18 March 2011

Chocolate, unless it's clearly stated that it's natural etc (with proof!!!), should always be avoided. Many manufacturers (legally) add bug's insides in chocolate BTW (and I'm surprised why nobody finds it disgusting). I want to throw up whenever I smell it.

Kayau (talk · contribs)09:10, 27 March 2011

Comments from feedback form - "good!"


Memo18 (talk)22:05, 5 March 2011

ooo its perfectly natural

my testicles are natural as well, most people dont want to lick them however

Mcchino64 (talk)21:37, 2 March 2011

There are some people who, if they could get people to pay for the privilege of licking their testicles, would definately set up shop. (talk)06:31, 3 March 2011

come in here and go lick my testicles for only 2 dollars (talk)11:26, 3 March 2011

Modern society seems to convince people that if something is natural it's good. I'm glad it hasn't convinced the government... yet.

Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV (talk)02:31, 4 March 2011