Comments:Poland: Thousands of far-right nationalists gather in Warsaw to march for white supremacy, anti-liberalism, and anti-Islam on Polish independence day

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Fake news422:00, 19 January 2018
"Ask and it will be given to you"012:35, 21 November 2017

This is the fake news, and liberal propaganda. Far-right nationalist is marginal groups in Poland. Most of them are normal people who want to commemorate Indepedence Day. Please pay attention to the crediblity of the sources. Believe finally, that in Poland there is no dictatorship or anything like that. I am a normal Pole, and I do not see that there are fascists, nationalists or Nazis in my country. (talk)22:07, 18 January 2018

We do pay attention to credibility of sources, in fact we put massive emphasis on it; if you think those aren't credible, likely you're trapped in one or another sort of information bubble.

Pi zero (talk)22:14, 18 January 2018

Nobody is saying that they aren't a marginal group. The fact is, the march did happen. Otherwise, how do you explain why your own president condemned the march? If it was fake news, he surely would have condemned the press instead. It's pretty much the same as the events in Charlottesville, Virgina. A marginal group succeeded in getting a lot of attention by holding an event.

SVTCobra22:59, 18 January 2018

My main concern was that this march is a tradition, and it has been organized since pre-war times. It is not intended to demonstrate support for fascists. Simple people participate in it. (talk)21:20, 19 January 2018

That point seems a bit less clear in the article than it ought to be. I hope to re-examine the matter in depth from that perspective (perhaps within the next day or so?)...

Pi zero (talk)22:00, 19 January 2018

"Ask and it will be given to you"

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  — ‍Matthew 7:7

Did their "god" help the "Great national Poland" become an independent country? Didn't Polish people run to other countries for their lives? Did Iran not welcome them considering the refugees were humans too? A white from "white Europe of brotherly nations" lead the holocaust yet they think colour matters. How ironic it would be for those Poles marching in this march who were celebrating when Poland would have qualified for FIFA World Cup. "Say no to racism".

•–•12:35, 21 November 2017