Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece, no passengers survive/Brief

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A Helios Airways plane with 121 onboard has crashed into a mountain near the Greek island of Grammatikos, approximately 40 kilometres north of Athens. No survivors have been reported.

The crash occurred at 09:04 UTC this morning. After communication was lost with ground control twenty minutes after take-off, the aircraft was joined by two Greek F-16 military aircrafts until the plane crashed. The pilots of the F-16s noted that one airliner pilot appeared to be unconscious and the other was not in the cockpit. Immediatiately after take-off, the pilots reported a problem with the pressurization system of the aircraft, and later a passenger sent a text message communicating that it had become extremely cold in the cabin and that people were freezing to death. It is speculated that the air-supply system of the plane may have failed.

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