New Zealand 'Boobs on Bikes' parade approved

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Auckland 'Boobs on Bikes' parade for next weeks annual sex industry convention, Erotica Expo which features naked woman on motorcycles has been approved by Auckland City Council's events and promotion staff despite disapproval by Auckland Mayor, Dick Hubbard and 13 other Auckland City Council councillors.

The mayor and the other councillors have signed a petition to withdraw the permit. Hubbard said "I think such a parade down Queen Street is totally inappropriate because it's shamelessly promoting a pornography trade fair. It's particularly degrading to women."

However, the organiser of the expo, Steve Crow, says Mr Hubbard's opposition is morally based.

All other previous parades had been held informally. Steve Crow, organiser of the parade and expo said "He only asked the council and the police if they wished to be involved as a matter of courtesy, and the parade will go ahead regardless. It's legal under New Zealand law. They can basically go to hell; we're going to do it." Crow said the only reason they asked for permission this year is to have police involvement for spectators' safety.

A spokeswoman for the Mayor said "The proposed route for the tour would pass a kindergarten and school. It's the councillors that have got upset about it due to huge public reaction by people saying they didn't want it," the council has received numerous complaints to the parade.

Bob McCoskrie, Family First national director said "[We are] offering support for the topless porn girls by making bras and sweatshirts available. Typical of Auckland weather, there’s a high likelihood it’ll either be cold and/or wet. We’re genuinely concerned for their welfare and health."

The Councillors are meeting today, August 16, to try and withdraw the permit that gives the parade green lights throughout Queen Street. Their decision is due sometime late today.


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