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Friday, February 21, 2014

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Friday, February 21, 2014
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Today on Wikinews: We briefly recap some of the stories appearing on Wikinews last week and from around the world.

Today is Friday, February twenty first — twenty fourteen. I am Chad Tew and this is Wikinews.


Leak suggests John Kerry will recognise Israel as Jewish state (0:30)

This week we learned through a leak published in the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv that U-S Secretary of State John Kerry will describe Israel as a Jewish state in a peace agreement document despite the disapproval of the Palestinian Authority. It has also been reported that Kerry plans to present the document to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the US next month.

Piers Morgan interviewed by police investigating phone hacking (0:57)

We also learned this week that [pee-ears] Morgan was the sixth journalist to be interviewed in the UK investigation of phone hacking. Morgan, who is now a TV news journalist for CNN, was a former editor of the Daily Mirror. The actual interview in that case occurred in December. Police are trying to learn whether eavesdropping was a standard tool used in journalistic investigations at the newspaper.

Scottish Justice Secretary 'acutely aware of unusual publicity' in Kular case (1:29)

The Scottish Justice Secretary is paying attention to material published in the UK media about the Mikaeel Kular murder case. Upon review it could be considered prejudicial or contempt in hearings that involve the identification of a person of interest. Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill revealed his awareness of the publicity in a letter exchanged between him and Conservative justice spokesman John Lamont.

UK drugs policy petition reaches 100,000 signatures, may prompt Parliamentary debate (2:01)

Britain’s drug policy may be up for reform after a petition calling for independent review of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 reached 100,000 signatures this week. The Backbench Business Committee of the House of Commons is set to discuss whether a debate will occur concerning UK’s drug laws. Skeptics say those laws are out of date and in need of a review.

Two dead in storms with no sign of floods letting up in Britain (2:32)

Relentless storms on the southern coast of England wreaked havoc on the delivery of electrical energy and train service. A woman was killed by falling masonry as a result of storms last week. And a man is dead after a massive wave struck a cruise ship in the English Channel from the same weather system.

Man in Glasgow, Scotland seriously injured after being hit by car (2:55)

Police in Glasgow are hoping that someone might have witnessed an auto accident that happened in the Scottish city early last Sunday morning. A man sustained severe head trauma after being hit by a car. He was then transferred to the Southern General Hospital where he remains in stable condition. The driver was described as shaken by the event.

Cyclist dies in crash with car in Edinburgh, Scotland (3:21)

And police in Edinburgh are also seeking witnesses in an auto accident that killed a 78 year-old man after a vehicle struck him while he was cycling on February 16. The driver of the black Mercedes-Benz B-Class was uninjured and has been cooperating with police.

New South Wales government starts trial of hunting in national parks (3:43)

The National Parks Wildlife Service of New South Wales, Australia, is set to launch a three-year trial to control the feral animal population in parks through hunting. The first meeting of hunters at Cocopara was to target feral goats. Supporters hope to test the effectiveness of the hunt for decreasing overpopulation with certain species. However, critics disliked the amateur approach where the feral animals are hunted for sport and they favor a government-controlled program.

Jade Rabbit lunar rover declared lost (4:19)

China’s first moon rover — The Jade Rabbit — was declared damaged beyond repair on February twelve after two weeks' inactivity. It has been about two months since its initial launch in December. The rover was set to spend three months excavating the moon’s surface for natural resources but low temperatures caused the robot to malfunction on January 25.

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