No bomb threat, hijacking of plane in China's Xinjiang region according to Afghan officials

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

China's Xinjiang region

A Kam Air plane from Afghanistan, traveling in China's Xinjiang region was not hijacked and did not receive a bomb threat, according to Afghan officials.

Earlier the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported a plane to be hijacked. Later reports then stated the plane received a bomb threat and was diverted back to Afghanistan, landing in Kandahar. The early reports say the plane was diverted back to Afghanistan after being denied an emergency landing in Ürümqi.

The plane was traveling to China and had been ordered to turn around after the proper paperwork was not in place. Subsequently it was denied a landing in Ürümqi. Upon its return, the plane landed in Kabul after it encountered high winds. It is not known how many people were on board the plane, but no injuries are reported.

A NATO official denied there was an emergency landing due to a threat and says the Chinese media reports are untrue.

"We are aware of the reports. We have no evidence that this is true. We would know immediately," said the unnamed official.

The Xinjiang region was the scene of a violent uprising by its Uyghur population last month.