Riots and civil unrest in Kawardha

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Monday, October 11, 2021

There has been a situation of riot and civil unrest in Kawardha, Chhattisgarh among the Hindu and Muslim community from October 3, 2021 after the desecration of Bhagwa Dhwaj (holy flag of Hindus) by a Muslim mob, following which a Hindu boy was beaten in the cause of preventing the action causing distress among the two communities.

On October 5 there were held massive rally by many Hindu organizations in the support of the boy and demanding action against the culprits which led to widespread violence in the region and on the next day there was again a rally causing massive distress in the region for which additional Police force was deployed with a baton charge and continued till the October 8. Due to the violence, there was a huge loss of public and private property and many shops of local Muslims were also looted.

On October 9, Police carried massive campaign against the protestors and lead to a flag march to control the situation and booked nearly 90 people and registered F. I. R. against 1,000 protestors, including the son of former Chief minister, Raman Singh and many politicians of Bharatiya Janata Party.