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Below is a list of special gadgets users can enable on their preferences page, as defined by the definitions. This overview provides easy access to the system message pages that define each gadget's description and code.

Browsing gadgets    [View source]

Editing gadgets    [View source]

Reviewing articles    [View source]

  • ReviewAlert (formerly RedayAlert) - Become notified when an article is tagged with {{review}} or the stable version of a published article becomes outdated (In a way similar to what happens upon an edit to your talk page)  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-readyAlert.js
    Gadget is not loaded. Please migrate to ResourceLoader. (Learn more)
  • Review progress – Progressively change the wikinews logo to red depending on how many articles are waiting to be reviewed. (Only works on monobook and vector.)  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-progress-review.js
    Gadget is not loaded. Please migrate to ResourceLoader. (Learn more)
  • Char Count Add a button to the toolbox to get the character count of the current page (not including formatting characters).  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-articleCharacterCount.js
  • On screen edit: Allows person to hilight, strikeout, delete text in a WYSIWYG type editor (not a real editor; no save). Meant to help reviewers to keep track of what they've reviewed by allowing them to mark sections of the text. Once enabled, adds line to toolbar at bottom of left column.  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-onScreenEdit.js

User interface gadgets    [View source]

Opinion/comment namespace    [View source]