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  • On the campaign trail, March 2012 (category Politics and conflicts)
    and I intend to get Latino voters to vote for a Republican." According to Fortuño himself, one way to accomplish this would be to select an Hispanic as
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  • the day before a large rally planned in downtown Los Angeles, hundreds of Latino Los Angeles high school students staged a walkout this Friday to protest
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  • Pillars of Wikinews writing Writing an article The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has blocked voting on legislation that would allow employers to
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  • they're praying and the rest of us have to do their work." Raul A. García, a 73-year-old Mexican meat packer, told The New York Times, “The Latino is very humble
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  • States population. African-Americans and Hispanic/Latinos have a higher rates of obesity than White Americans, while Asian-Americans have a relatively low
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  • City and attended Princeton University and Yale University, is the first female U.S. Supreme Court nominee of Hispanic or Latino extraction and, if confirmed
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  • On the campaign trail, June 2012 (category Politics and conflicts)
    likely help Obama in the Latino-heavy swing states of Colorado and Nevada, but might possibly hurt him in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Other political events
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  • We will take 27 votes and see what happens." Further north, in the city of Lawrence, the city elected it's first Hispanic-American mayor, State Representative
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  • 2006 U.S. Congressional Elections (category Politics and conflicts)
    no problems. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund photographed armed men attempting to prevent Hispanic voters from entering polling
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  • On the campaign trail, September 2012 (category Politics and conflicts)
    the keynote address, the first Hispanic-American to do so. He discussed the communitarian spirit of the United States and reflected on how his mother "fought
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  • you have to have blacks in there, you have to have Latinos in there. Go, if you should dare... DS: And they can't say certain things. GT: That's right.
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