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TCA Secretary General Enoch Du at 2007 Taipei Computer Applications Show.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From October 22 to 25, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) promoted three organized or sponsored expositions including "2007 WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase & Conference", "Exhibition of the First 5-year Period of the National Science & Technology Program of e-Learning", and "2007 IP Comm Asia" showing great determination on improving the IT industry in Taiwan. With Computex Taipei 2008 will add Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang) area, how TCA transform their ways and goals with operating their IT shows? It will be affected on the notibility of domestic or trade shows. For the three expos status and TWTC Nangang topics, Wikinews Reporter Brock interviewed TCA Secretary General Enoch Du for some important questions that should be respected by organizers and governments.


Brock: We saw three expos continuously appeared this week and witnessed the determination from TCA. But before the three expos, with the 2008 Computex Taipei Local Exhibitors' Coordination by TAITRA last month for the exhibition hall usage, what should TCA face on the twin halls (TWTC Hall 1 and TWTC Nangang) problem? How to solve the problem with TWTC Nangang? Because more than ten years before, when Computex Taipei exhibited at Sungshan and TWTC halls, the show didn't have a good work, and I've asked Commissioner of Department of Transportation in Taipei City Hsiao-hsien Lou for the traffic issue with TWTC Nangang, he looked it as a pessimistic way.

Enoch: We still contact with TAITRA currently for the twin halls issue, The advantage for TWTC Nangang is exhibition spaces, but to the opposite way, traffic is surely a great headache for governments, organizers, and exhibitors. We still try to solve problems with this. Even though Computex Taipei will be located at TWTC Exhibition Hall and TWTC Nangang same time with the plan of TAITRA, but without solving problems, Computex Taipei will still be in a trouble even though we want to challenge the World's 1st scale against CeBIT.

With the quality issue, TCA suspended Taipei Telecom in 2007.

Brock: It's apparently that lots of organizations care about the traffic near TWTC Nangang. By the way, for the 1st time TCA holding 2007 IP Comm Asia, why should it be transformed from a long-historical trade show - Taipei Telecom by TAITRA, suspended from this year?

Enoch: TCA explained some reasons for the transformation in the starting of 2007. In fact, lots of famous local participants (exhibitors) usually promoted their products with show-girls (models) so the quality of Taipei Telecom went from bad to worse in past 2 to 5 years. This is surely a damn bad demonstration in Taiwan's society. With suspending Taipei Telecom and promoting IP telecommunication industry in Taiwan, TCA finally decided to hold this professional trade show and named "IP Comm Asia" for the global market opportunity this year.

Brock: Continued with "IP Comm Asia", how this show connect with "2007 WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase & Conference"?

Enoch: Communication and networking (including WiMAX) industries should be complementaries. In Taiwan, IP telecommunication infrastructure shouldn't be looked down, with the trendy change of telecommunication industry, even though traditional telecommunication (fax and phone) industry is currently in a prior position, but IP telecommunication will be a new industry besides of communication and networking with computing technology. If consumers can communicate via Internet including Wi-Fi, its development will take advantage. Currently, some of telecommunication companies tried to change the quality of VoIP and experiment related applications for the market preparation, if the wireless network contained broadly and WiMAX infrastructure improved rapidly in Taiwan, I think that IP telecommunications will be the main stream in the future.

Brock: Something interesting. Some of electronic trade shows held by TAITRA had a great transformation with combinations and changes such as a 3-in-1 show (TaiwanRFID, TAITRONICS, PV Taiwan) held past 2 weeks. Recently, TAITRA set "Broadband Communications Pavilion" at 2007 TAITRONICS Autumn to promote "Broadband Taiwan 2008" at TWTC Nangang and recruit companies with Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. How the TCA think about this idea?

Enoch: With trendy changes of electronic industry in Taiwan, several (electronic) trade shows suspended or transformed to other industry shows. As of TAITRA, they should fill up vacancies with some specified trade shows by some grown up industries. With their idea, they successfully transformed a simple electronic show to a grand combination with multiple industries' show. As you talked about the pavilion at TAITRONICS, this was a great chance for TAITRA to reposition and restart. Every show organizer always hopes their (international) show can keep good images for international buyers. Hope TWTC Nangang can bring a bright future and have a good start, and TAITRA can complete solutions for TWTC Nangang to keep TWTC Exhibition Hall in a steady position.

Brock: Nice thanks. Hope I can visit some good shows by TCA.


TCA surely worked hard with promoting IT industry by executing governmental plans and holding trade shows at TWTC or outside of Taiwan. That's why the IT industry in Taiwan can market to the world. TCA usually reposition some IT trade shows from quantity (factor) to quality with holding shows. Exhibition organizers in Taiwan should respect quality of exhibitions and conventions so that Taiwan can be visible world-wide in the future. With Du's words, if Computex Taipei should use twin halls, then TAITRA should solve the main issue of Nangang's traffic as Commissioner Luo said to keep them in a steady position, origins and quality.


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