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Q: List the three most important issues in your campaign, and briefly explain why these are important.

A: The three most important issues to my campaign are the reform of property tax, so that is fairer to all residents, addressing traffic gridlock, and addressing air/water quality.

Q: What one election issue do you feel is most relevant to your ward in this election?

A: The environment, for example issues such as air and water quality, rain forests, green spaces, trails.

Q: What vision do you have, for your ward?

A: That community centers extend their hours of operation to accommodate a diverse array of extra curricular activities for our youth.

Q: What qualities or experiences do you possess, that make you more desirable than the incumbent?

A: I live in Ward 6 for 15 years. I am inspired to run for Councillor because a strong woman with unique instincts such as myself will help our council to better reflect the people it represent. My qualifications include 15 years as a public servant, twenty years as a volunteer community leader and 15 years as a successful businesswoman……a business I started from scratch. I believe Ward 6 Residents like the fact that I am not a career politician and I will not be operating in a “business as usual” mode.

Q: Why do you want to represent your ward on council?

A: I believe I possess the skill and ability needed to sit on council; I bring to the table successful decision-making skills that I now use in the daily running of my own business; I bring people skills which make me an excellent team player and, I believe the municipal level puts me closer to the residents of Ward 6 in particular and the citizens of Mississauga in general; and gives me an opportunity to have the greatest impact on their lives.

Q: Of the decisions made by council since the last election, which one would you have changed, and why?

A: I do not have a answer to this question.

Q: How are you currently involved in the community?

A: I am on the City of Mississauga Traffic Safety Council, the Chair of Elders Connect, Director of the Canadian Ethno-cultural Council, Immediate Past President of the National Council of Jamaicans, and CEO of Blackwood Staffing Solutions.

Q: Many councillors are quite seasoned in the civic political process. What could you bring to the table as a "rookie", above and beyond the current roster of councillors?

A: “Seasoned” does not always translate into efficiency. I believe that municipal political offices should be governed by term limits. As a rookie Councillor, I will work hard to get the votes of the other members of council so that outstanding items from my election platform can be implemented.

Q: What service is most lacking in Mississauga?

A: I feel that school-based child-care and children and youth school nutrition programs are most lacking.

Q: How do you feel about Mississauga's rate of expansion?

A: Packing as many people as possible in our City may make initial economic sense however; the long-term consequences and costs to the environment (human and natural) are far too high.

Q: Why should businesses be attracted to locating in Mississauga?

A: Because it could be more economical to do business.

Q: How could Mississauga further itself in attracting corporate investment?

A: One way is to establish a rapid rail system that connects with regional systems.

Q: Why have you chosen to involve yourself in the political process?

A: Because I believe that more women are needed in municipal politics – not because our male colleagues are not capable – but because our community cannot afford to loose the intelligence, insights and experience those women such as myself bring to the table.

Q: What does Mississauga mean to you?

A: Mississauga is my home for 32 years, Mississauga means success to me.

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