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This story is inherently POV as it is impossible in the Lebanese political environment to tell with accuracy who is on whose side.Especially when people like the victim switch sides. So its important to just report the facts rather than repeat information from the sources or politicians which may or may not be factual. The title probably should be changed to take out "anti-Syrian" unless we are going to allow "anti-American" labels in titles as well(e.g. "anti-American cleric killed in Baghdad") which we could be running a story about every week or so. Paulrevere2005 16:49, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)



Whoops, made a bit of a mess there. My mistake; I moved the article before reading the Talk page, then read it and agreed, but accidentally moved the Talk rather than the article. So...anyway, I took out "anti-Syrian," as per the point made above, and added the bit about the elections to give some context. I used "historic" because they're the first elections without Syrian occupation in 30-some years. --Slowking Man 20:52, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)