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OR Notes[edit]

I emailed the press department of the ACLU to ask them whether they would give me their opinion of the lifting of the injunction. This was on Saturday morning. On Sunday evening I received a response from the ACLU. This was over 24 hours after the article was published so I decided to include the information in a different article. I did not write it at that stage because I was trying to organize my Wikileaks interview. I asked the ACLU this



I am Jonathan Winterview from WikiNews ( and I writing an article on the 'censorship' of Wikileaks. I would like to include the opinion of ACLU on the lifting of the court injunction to quote in the article. It would be very helpful if you could respond with just one sentence with your organizations opinion on the removal of the court injunction along with permission for me to quote it in the article (as it would be received by email, I need your permission to quote it). It would be helpful if I received a response as soon as possible so I can add the opinion of your organization to the article on Wikinews.

Thanks for you time,

Jonathan Winterview

I also used information from our previous articles about Wikileaks --Anonymous101 Talk 19:37, 3 March 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]