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Review of revision 4390081 [Not ready][edit]

While articles that just repeat the content of a press release do exist, the International Business Times article used here is not one of them.
I only link professional journal articles in the sources section if I used them as sources. I have placed both in the external links section.
The tenses are actually good the way they are. I can get into why if you want. The short answer is that we use present tense for things that are always true "The year lasts 40 days" but past tense for specific events "The scientists found this." "The solar flares did that." Put together, we get "The scientists found that the year lasts 40 days," with one past tense and one present tense in the same sentence. Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:01, 14 March 2018 (UTC)
1. Thanks for linking the papers in external sources (#4 in the review comments) and for discussing item #5 and #6.
2. Items number one and two and three and number seven from the review are yet to be addressed.
3. I still have problems with item #6, the verb tenses.
  • "Data indicate" is the event being reported, it needs to say "Data indicated". The same with "climate simulations support this conclusion".
  • "Hirano said in a press release" - good
  • "one of the key findings of this work is that" -> "one of the key findings of this work was that" (the current thing being reported)
  • "Much of the interest in exoplanets capable of hosting liquid water is water's role as a prerequisite for life as we understand it." -> "was" (this is merely the current state of science, the criteria for life suitability of planets may change later)
  • (the same with the next three sentences)
  • "Hirano conceded that the climate modeling systems used " - good
  • "urther study, he says, is necessary." -> "said"
  • "He went on to express " - good
  • "this report alone describes 15" -> "described"
3.1. Here the findings include some things about the planet like what was its orbit and year length. Perhaps someone disagrees with me, but it is my opinion that for a recently discovered planet there things need to be reported in past tense as they may change with time and are not widely known facts. While 'Paris is a capital of France' may change too it at least was this way for many years and there is somewhat strong expectation that it would not change.
  • "is one of many exoplanets " -> "was one of many exoplanets" (they may disappear later)
  • "but its star is brighter than the others and did not exhibit any " -> "but its star was brighter than the others and did not exhibit any " (yay 'did not exhibit' this is good)
  • 'K2-155d is located about 200 light-years from Earth' -> 'was' (it may move in the future)
  • 'According to the research findings, it is tidally locked, ' -> 'was tidally locked' (this may change)
  • 'that it does not spin' -> 'that it did not spin'
  • 'Rather, the same side always faces the sun ' -> 'faced'
  • ' Its years are roughly 40 days long. ' -> 'were'
4. Perhaps you disagree with this interpretation in 3.1, but at least the items in 3 still need to be edited to make the verb tenses consistent.
5. Addition made here is problematic, it introduces the reader to the "solving the riddle of what makes a planet habitable is solving the riddle of whether it would have water," thought as if it were a part of the story being reported. Wikinews does not report opinions as if they are Wikinews's own. This needs to be clarified or attributed.
--Gryllida (talk) 22:08, 14 March 2018 (UTC)