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Another interesting source[edit]

Here's another interesting source. Her comments were quite different in 2004 when interviewed by The Vacaville Reporter and are worth mentioning:

Did you, by any chance, actually read that article? Maybe you should... - Amgine/talk 02:10, 10 August 2005 (UTC)
Of course I did. What's your point? Maybe she was putting on a good front, maybe she changed her opinions *shrug*.
then where was this quote from, that you put in story? -->
"The meeting didn't last long, but in their time with Bush, Cindy spoke about Casey and asked the president to make her son's sacrifice count for something. They also spoke of their faith.
"For a moment, life returned to the way it was before Casey died. They laughed, joked and bickered playfully as they briefly toured Seattle. For the first time in 11 weeks, they felt whole again. 'That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together,' Cindy said."
-Edbrown05 03:20, 10 August 2005 (UTC)
*I* never edited the article. The recent Reporter article links (in the article) to the original 2004 interview. That quote may be in there.