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I overheard half a telephone conversation yesterday. It was in a public place, with lots of people around and the person was talking at a high volume. I do not think they can have any expectation of privacy.

I have no reason to believe that the person was making the following up, but there is a chance the person is mistaken in their beliefs, either in part or in whole. Treat each of the following points with the caution they deserves before incorporating into a story.

In summary:

  • Up to 50,000 people will be converging on a Sydney beach this coming Sat/Sun.
  • These people plan to just 'sit' there and drink.
  • "Aussies" will be coming from up and down the coast to the beach (the coast = coastal NSW relative to Sydney)
  • Bikie gangs are involved.
  • The Comanchero gang has told police that they "own" Maroubra and will look after it. The police agreed. There

will be no more trouble at Maroubra.

  • There is drug money being laundered in Maroubra and the owners of that money want to protect it from interference.
  • The Nomad bikie gang were involved in destroying a Tongan Church on Parramatta Road.
  • The Nomads are a 'leb' gang in that they are mostly Lebanese.

I would like my IP address and identity to remain private.

This information could be included in one of our articles, but it would only be something like this: There are a number of rumours circulating, including that the Nomad bikie gang was responsible for the arson attack on the Tongan Church at Auburn, and a gang called the "Comanchero gang" have pledged to protect Maroubra. - Borofkin 00:18, 15 December 2005 (UTC)