Tens of thousands protest against talks in Spain

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Supporters of Catalan Independence marching last October.
Image: Òmnium Cultural.

Over 40 thousand people protested in Spain over talks between the Spanish Government and pro-indepence Catalan leaders.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was meeting with Catalan separatists in an attempt to ease tensions, but annoyed many Spanish citizens. It is thought that this caused about 45,000 people attended a protest in Madrid today.

Protesters said that Pedro was "stabbing [Spain] in back". The Popular Party's leader, Pablo Casado, claimed that "The time of Pedro Sánchez has ended. There is no more room for surrendering by the Socialists, or further extortion from the separatists. Today, the reconquest begins."

There have been calls for early elections due to the government talking with pro-independence groups. However, at a separate rally, Pedro said that "the government is working for the unity of Spain, and this means uniting Spaniards and not pitting people against one another like the right is doing. Democracy is not heads or tails, there are many alternatives. Ours is coexistence, law and dialogue in Catalonia."