Possible Defenses

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Well it worked well enough. Point remains, were are the blind spots in the system.

AZOperator (talk)01:16, 24 April 2018

I would prefer not to comment anything on this topic, as it would affect neutrality in my future articles. I should not let things get into my head.

•–•02:43, 24 April 2018

Why not? You've already called the BJP murderous thugs before.

SVTCobra03:40, 24 April 2018

In all fairness, I did not say that. BJP being a party can’t murder or even be a thug, members of the party can be. Also, did you know that pro-Hindutva ideology party (BJP) members supported the convicts gang rape and murder of an eight year old girl? (By the way, hi, Putin supporter)

•–•03:54, 24 April 2018

Putin supporter? How did come that conclusiON? The election article?

SVTCobra04:05, 24 April 2018