Do you think this will replace mp3

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Adding content is a worthy step, the trouble is, with MP3s the emotional content of the music is missing. Better fidelity first, bells and whistles second. (talk)02:26, 12 February 2010

MP3 was a breakthrough for its time. If you were on a corporate network, or similar bandwidth level, you could stream music in realtime; on a dial-up connection you could have a song in about 20 minutes to play as many times as you liked; and, if you had an actual MP3 player you could cram a significant amount of music into a very small amount of storage space.

Then came the notified-by-stealth patents; thou shalt have a license to use a couple of mathematical formulae.

Everyone, today, that I introduce to OGG finds it - fidelity-wise - a far better format; the bandwidth woes are receding, if not already gone. Take your "shiney!" and shove it! I want something I can rely on to continue working for my grandchildren.

Brian McNeil / talk03:26, 12 February 2010