What Would Perry Do?

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He is yours. Anyone wanting a neo-nazi for their sheif deserves what they ask for. He belongs rotting in one of the hell holes of a jail he created. Crimes againt humanity are a serious crime. (talk)19:58, 30 November 2011

AT my age, 61 never was sent to jail, but 14 yrs. ago spent 4 mos. in county jail for DUI, I have lived hard times, but those 4 mos. were the worst time in my life, the sheriff's staff were and I'm sure still are both physical and verbal abuse, especially to the hispanic men. Could not belief thier bad actions, so I wrote a journal about what was happing every day, Wanted to let people know how humans were treated. Could not show proof, they took it away from me. Why is he being voted in ofc. this long? In my oppinion, not enough young votes for another desent person. About Perry, he is against natural supplements/cures, he's for big Pharma, Ya, to me they are both EVIL! (talk)01:35, 5 December 2011