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Well, I see airb&b have decided Isreal will be a place they won,t do business, their loss, why there are so one-sided is be on me, Isreal is a wonderful country to visit.I see no reason to let politics restrain are travel, no doubt their politics are so-called liberal, now what does liberal mean, being one sided not willing to get along with someone you don,t agree with, I never thought so, I want to hear all sides, visit all places I can hear everyone's story, everyday people not the politicians, this move is a very big mistake, so now we only visit countries we agree with , say Russia, China, Vietnam all manly communist, most countries in South America, mainly run by disputes, and Dictators, and Isreal is a free country where leaders are voted in I have too trips planned and paid for but I will never use sush a short sited company again, you need to stick your heads in a toilet stool and flush to clean your brains of

dry matter. Donnie (talk)00:19, 9 December 2018

Best to keep the decisions distinct. Afaics from this article (not attempting to draw in any other sources, here), Airbnb was perfectly willing to do business in Israel; they only took the conservative step of not participating in an activity by Israel deemed illegal under international law. This is clearly altogether different from the "boycott Israel" movement; the boycotters would not be satisfied with Airbnb's decision, because it doesn't actively penalize Israel for violating international law. Israel in response proposed to penalize itself by refusing to do business with Airbnb: if you want to do business with us, you must participate in our internationally illegal activities.

Pi zero (talk)14:35, 9 December 2018