Importance of News ?

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A tiny country — that is how you it, don’t you? See this “tiny country” had the balls to go against the UN. Our reason not to publish anything by UN? You were one whole week late to write an article. This is not an encyclopaedia, news had a deadline. Without newer developments, it was relevant story but was no longer news. Everyone is free to write what they want to. If I was paid to write, what I have been doing for two and half years, it was child labour. You can sue the United States using this information. Go ahead.

•–•16:24, 30 December 2017

You have to call this thing for what it is. It's not any "". It's an Israeli News Outlet, made by shills like you. But we are used to lies from this pit of devils who don't take the truth as serious as their believe in supremacy. The nonsense you post and select is unbearable. I guess nobody will read it any way.

ChangeScience (talk)15:09, 1 January 2018

Well, you did. I don't understand why are you whining after losing a news article that you wrote? You write something that was encyclopedic, no longer news (you don't even know what is news) and then spread your bullshit. Know this: number of people ho read the article will be greater than number of people who would read your opinion.

•–•15:17, 1 January 2018