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These restrictions by Israel are a breath of fresh air and long overdue in coming! All those are condemning Israel and causing it hardship by having this BDS movement ought not be allowed to tender the delights of this country since they are doing Israel harm. It's like not allowing people in that have diseases which could spread such as what Obama allowed in when the Ebola epidemic ran rampant but we all know that Obama is a devout Muslim and his racial preferences come well before and in front of the safety of the USA. These groups will be missing out on the latest technology and the new and glorious fashions as well as everything else that emanates from within an advanced and modern society but it wont matter since these people are focused only on hate-mongering and fanatical ideologies which overshadows anything of value as far as medicine, technology, inventions, cultural edibles, clothing and much more are concerned. They are like the radical Muslims whose main concern in life is domination, subjugation of others, violence, slavery, mutilation, perversion towards children and women, murdering innocents and the like that take up their cloak of thinking and daily activities instead of focusing on humanitarian needs or advancement in science in any way shape or form. The BDS movements are the stagnant and extremely uninformed groups that have their historical facts all mixed up to suit their needs but still, their perceptions of the Palestinian problem is abnormal; then again, abnormality seems to reign rampant among the ignorant and the biased and that's a "given!" To do a BDS against a free country who aid other countries and has helped even their deadly hostile Muslim neighbors surrounding them when they are in need of medical assistance, as well as giving them supplies even though the UN gives them billions each year and it goes to their Islamic terrorist organization(s) to come back and kill innocent Israeli's and others, only shows that the Irish, American, French and other BDS groups have no interest in creating peace through dialogue. No, only to flex their money in arms that do not reach out for peace or harmony in any way. They are the financial fascists and who wants "folk" like them in their country if they only mean you harm?! Not I!!!!! (talk)08:55, 11 January 2018

You do know that Obama hasn't been the President for more than a year, right? You do know he went to a Catholic school when he was in Indonesia, right? You do understand that if he wanted to start an Ebola epidemic in USA, he would not have quarantined people who were infected, right? Your post seems to be the one that is focused on hate mongering. Reading your post, it makes me laugh that you have the audacity to call anyone ignorant. Cheers. Hope you are happy in your state of mind.

SVTCobra00:07, 13 January 2018