Should of been no apology

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This is normal for every 'progressive' move. History will tell whether the group is right or not. It's just like the abuse some Saudi women faced when their ban on driving was lifted.
On the flip side, while I'm unfamiliar with Wikinews, I'm a bit unsure whether colourful language is encouraged here or not.

Leaderboard (talk)14:23, 15 July 2018

@Leaderboard: We require our articles to be neutral (a concept that some Wikipedians have trouble with, because news neutrality is not the same as enyclopedic neutrality), but our comments space is a place to express opinions. We sometimes refer to our comments space, informally, as "trollspace". There are situations where things get out of hand, and we have occasionally struggled with whether we should have been more aggressive in removing hurtful comments, but we seek to avoid censoring views. The classic thought experiment in this is, if we publish an interview with a neo-Nazi —and we have done so, in the past— and someone were to express a negative opinion about neo-Nazism at the comments page, it certainly wouldn't be fair for us, having interviewed this neo-Nazi in the first place, not to allow neo-Nazis freedom to argue for their positions on the comments page.

That said, I personally prefer to be soft-spoken, even when expressing strong views. However, that's my style and preference.

Pi zero (talk)15:08, 15 July 2018