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Because there were major quakes there that leveled a good part of the country? Because "minor aftershocks" have a tendency to finish leveling what big quakes didn't complete? Because Wikinews is written by you? Now quit your bitching and go write something.

Wikinews is like voting. Put up (Write) or Shut Up (as in Shut up).

ShakataGaNai ^_^18:21, 24 July 2010

Thanks people, you just proved my point precisely. You think anonymous editors are going to be inclined to write for us when they get insulted and sworn at? Your average reader is going to be turned off right fast when he's told to quit bitching; I think I'd rather shut up than write if taking the time to do anything, even as simple as write a comment, is responded to like that. (Incidentally, way to completely fail at "civil discussion and polite sparring.")

C628 (talk)18:46, 24 July 2010

What point? Some magical point? The point of a sphere?

ShakataGaNai ^_^19:04, 24 July 2010

Why do you need to reply like that?

07:50, 25 July 2010