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I think the guy is right if you ask me. I am an Nigerian and if you want to know the truth, its that the Muslim north with no oil have ruled the Christian south since the British left and have left the south who sit on the countries oil with virtually nothing while developing the north. To make matters worse the ecological damage has made things worse for the people of the south especially the Niger Delta where the people who depend on fishing and farming are now having problems as oil spills have destroyed the soil for farming and the rivers, waters are pools of dead fish and oil. Its difficult for people who live in such conditions to sit and wait for UN hand outs when they can fight for what's rightfully theirs. I do agree the a split would amount to bloodshed but on the long term it would be better for the people because the division between the north and the south is not exactly a thin one. Its wider than the ocean between Africa and the Americas. So the sacrifice would definitely be worth it. (talk)00:54, 17 March 2010