one video is worth a thousand pictures

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one video is worth a thousand pictures

The english wikipedia editors found that including links to some of the next videos, in their related article is appropriate.[1] [2] [3] [4]

IMO, this wikinews article ain't complete without the video footages supplied by the activisits and by the IDF. the sources don't mention that the soldiers landed barehanded, which followed using paintball guns while being beaten and only after long moments of being lynched used their handguns. people think the IDF had stormed the ship equipped with machineguns, or shooting from the air. this videos has great importance since it gives the clearest view of the first moments of the takeover, and shows exactly that the soldiers were acting by a self defence (it is important to say that there were no significant events in the other vessels)

the lack of videos regarding the claim of shooting before the boarding doesn't contradict the occurrence seen in the above links, supporting the claims of the attacks on the israeli troops.

Hummingbird (talk)13:30, 1 June 2010

Reports from the people on the ship seem to counter your assertion. Check CNN's interview with one of the Americans who was on the ship. Or read this:

Torinir (talk)17:01, 1 June 2010

It is my understanding that 1) It took many hours for these videos to be released after the incident. 2) The live video feed, onboard the boat, was cut/scrambled after the first two were killed and the white flag was raised. 3) When the journalists and activists, that were aboard, are released we might know more.

Mrchris (talk)19:13, 1 June 2010

So far, all those released have been countering Israel's self-defense theory, stating that the Israelis initiated the violence. Shots fired, gas canisters and stun grenades were apparently fired at the ships prior to any of the commandos hitting the decks of the ships.

Torinir (talk)02:23, 2 June 2010

Its time for the Israeli leadership to wake up and smell the manure they're sitting in. First they must get a grip and realise that there are international laws they must observe, Secondly they should apologize for the IDF's clumsy attempts to rewrite history by fabricating the idea that somehow they were attacked first - which is obviously utter nonsense. The authorities behind this unprovoked act of aggression must be brought to justice. As Israel is not party to the International Criminal Court, they have created a situation in which their nationals can escape prosecution for such atrocities. It is time for The UN to step in and impose serious sanctions against all arms trade to Israel. Meanwhile The UN should redouble its efforts to force Israel to recognize Palestinian rights, including the right of return. The world community should unite and not neglect to use this opportunity to put an end to the occupation and the decades of resulting violence that have marked the region for so long.

HaroldWilson'sWar (talk)18:55, 2 June 2010