WW3 and The End Of The World

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WW3 and The End Of The World

I'm only 14 years old, but even I can tell this is going to end as a full blown, worldwide nuclear catastrophe which will be the Third World War, and God forbid, the end of this beautiful planet. Here's what I think will happen; North Korea will make a military move which threatens South Korea. South Korea might even be annexed. Then the U.S will jump in to defend South Korea and China, who supports North Korea, step in. Now you have the main superpowers in the World involved. Then Russia who has hated the U.S since 1945 (after the Americans dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), will remember old hatreds, forget newly made treaties, and step in. And then, let us not forget Asia,the Middle East and North Africa. Because of the way America has been the world's international police men and lied about Al- Qaeda being behind 9/11(which was U.S orchestrated), several Asian countries like Pakistan AND Afghanistan now hate America. Middle Eastern also cannot stand the U.S, countries like Iraq, Iran (who, unknowingly to most, has been building up their nuclear arsenal), Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestine,Jordan,Syria and Gaza, just to name a few. They would jump in on North Korea's side adding more weapons to what the North Koreans already have, and more soldiers. The League of Arab Nations is a coalition of countries in The Middle East and North Africa, most of which are Muslim. There are 22 members. They all support each other, and all of them hate America and Israel. They would also join the war against the U.S. For you ignorant fools out there, it would seem the U.S is heavily outnumbered. But the U.S does have allies, or at least a few... Britain. A staunch, but significantly weaker supporter of the U.S. It has a strong army and navy, but not much nuclear capacity. Australia would help, simply because they support the U.S and Britain in most wars. Many countries in Europe though they don't really like Britain would support the British to protect their interests.

Now that the alliance have been established,the war would start. At first nobody would want to use their nuclear potential but would in the end, thinking it would solve the problem and end the war but would only cause a chain of events which would destroy Planet Earth.

And that folks, is what I think.

Jacob Sharry B (talk)17:58, 4 April 2013