Why don't people realize how much we can't afford this bill right now?

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"So using the "fiscal responsibility" argument as an excuse not to have a National Health Care system is completely ludicrous."

Somehow, I think the "fiscal responsibility" argument gains a lot more credence when you take into account that the current administration has already spent more money in one year than the previous one did in eight. On top of that, they've done that during a recession, while the economy was strong for most of the Bush years... until near the very end, when the Democrats took Congress, spending spiked, and the economy's sinking started.

Also... if you're gonna bash Republicans over these allegedly-illegal wars... .. . shouldn't you also be bashing Obama for not already pulling out? The chant for the past eight years has been that we should pull out as fast as possible, and now that the side who chanted it is in power... it's not happening, why? Or did it magically turn into a good war just because a Liberal Democrat is in charge? (talk)02:22, 27 March 2010