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Never mind all the deals made to get this atrocity of a bill thrown in. Never mind that some states whose legislators support the bill won't have to foot the bill, which is that much more to force those of us who DON'T like it to pay. Never mind that at least one (likely outdated by now) version of the bill comes with likely-illegal language that suggests that future administrations will be unable to alter or repeal it once passed.

Things like this render the issue of whether a European-style health care system is good or bad a pointless debate for the moment. Between the back-door deals, and trying to nail it down so that future generations can't repeal this overhaul if it's bad, or even improve on it in the unlikely event that it somehow turns out to be good, nobody in their right mind can possibly think that Congress has the people's well-being at heart. (talk)23:52, 22 March 2010