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This is a bad law for the American citizens of Arizona. People have this unrealistic idea that this law is going to focus only on illegal aliens from Mexico. The truth is there are more then 500,000 American citizens of hispanic heritage living in Arizona. This law allows every police department in the state to pull over anyone that fits the description of an illegal alien anytime they feel like it. And those people will now have to prove citizenship or face legal action including deportation. There is no way in the world that this law will not create cases of racial profiling. Arizona has made it illegal to help an illegal immigrant that is dying in the desert. Anyone caught helping them will face a prison sentance. Arizona has not closed the border and stopped the flow of illegal immigrants from coming into the state. Instead, they post their border patrol officers 100 miles away from the border and try to find them after they already have entered the state. My only question to the government of Arizona is; what does an American citizen look like? I've live here for over 35 years and I was happy to say that Arizona is the most diverse state in the entire country. To me citizens of this state look like Asian people, African American people, Native American people, White people, Hispanic people, people of every different background and color of skin. So how do you pass a law that will put one group in a position of having to prove their citizenship to a government that isn't doing it's job by closing the border? This law is illegal and will cost the state money they don't have to spend on the number of cases that will arise by the mistreatment state and local police will cause everytime they question an American citizen that fits your description of an illegal alien. I see this law setting the civil rights movement back 80 years and wonder why it wasn't given to the people of the state to vote on.

10Michael (talk)05:00, 24 April 2010

Bravo Michael. A+ point of view. (talk)18:17, 24 April 2010

So now the cops will be able to do whatever they want, doesn't seem like much has changed.

Motown86 (talk)20:34, 24 April 2010