What a clown

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What a clown

Prohibition party? Where did this guy come from Saudi Arabia. Prohibition is against free will, the human spirit, is expensive and the social costs of enforcement, imprisonment, and violence related to organized crime are enormous. It was tried in the '30's and was a complete disaster. The US already alone imprisons more people in sheer number and as well per capita than any other nation in the entire world. The war on drugs is a massive failure and prohibition of the earlier part of the last century was seen as one of the bloodiest and costliest mistakes in all of political history.

Now we have this clown trying to bring it back? The US isn't a democracy, its a a neo-feudalistic republic (FPTP winner take all two-party system) which as shameful as it is at least it gives lunatics like this no chance in hell to achieve anything. Heck even in a pure proportionate representational system without a minimum threshold this clown wouldn't even get elected!

I should start a party, its only policy would be to run prohibitionists like this moron (probably Mormon too; heretic!) out of the country and I would get way more live and votes than this goof didler!

Michal from Slovakia, where we treat prohibitionists like Colombian soccer players who accidentally score on their own goal post.

By the way, I don't drink alcohol either!

Downlow25 (talk)09:26, 22 February 2011