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  • Aaron Mayzes


  • Denver, Colorado, United States


  • 23 July 1974


  • I've got a Bachelor's of Arts in Cognitive Science from Northwestern University from a dozen years ago, but my career since then has had nothing to do with science whatsoever. A few months ago, I reevaluated my career aspirations, and decided I should consider some sort of science writing. Since then, I've been writing a science story each day (weekdays only) over at my livejournal, but I'm finding it progressing slowly in the absence of feedback. I'm going to try adding WikiNews articles to the mix, see if that can help push the quality of my writing up. If you want a collaborator on an article that's about science (or math, health/medicine, environment, or tech), let me know. Or, if you've got advice, I'd like to hear it.

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