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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three gunmen have injured 19 people at a parade in New Orleans on Mother's Day leaving three people in critical condition. Two ten year olds were among the victims. Local police stated, "Many of the victims were grazed (some by bullets that ricocheted)," it said. "At this point, there are no fatalities, and most of the wounds are not life-threatening." There were 300 - 400 people involved in the parade and 200 people in the area of the shooting.

Police have named a suspect as 19 year old, Akein Scott. The department has placed an arrest warrant issued for Scott, after being identified by multiple people as a potential shooter. Search warrants by police have been made on three addresses in an attempt to locate Scott, so far he's yet to be found. "We are coming to find him. We will find him," said Police Superintendant Ronal Serpas of the department.

Crowd sourcing and police have confirmed that there were one or two others involved in the shooting and "maybe two different types of weapons." "It appears that these two or three people just for a reason unknown to us, started shooting at, toward or in the crowd," Superintendent Serpas said. "It was over in just a couple seconds." Videos taken by bystanders from multiple angles during the parade show two suspects, firing into the street.

The act of violence has lead to members of the community calling for change. "It is important for us ... to change the culture of death on the streets of New Orleans to a culture of life." New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu stated after visiting the wounded victims of the violence.

A recent gun lobby defeated bills in the Senate that were aimed to reduce access of handguns to criminals. Police records show Scott has previous arrests for possessing a stolen firearm last year and earlier this year resisting arrest for possession of illegal weapons and illegal drugs.

Despite high rates of gun violence in America, The National Rifle Association stands by their belief that armed citizens can deter criminal violence. A Brady Campaign spokesman announced, “What occurred in New Orleans is a horrible tragedy, and unfortunately one that plays out on our city streets every day across America. Handguns are used to take the lives of thousands of people each year. So many shootings like this one can be prevented by not allowing dangerous criminals access to guns. We can do that through expanding background checks because right now a criminal can purchase a gun over the internet, or at a gun show, with no questions asked. If we don’t stop this flow of guns onto our city streets, people will continue to mourn the loss of innocent victims of gun violence.”

According to FBI record, handguns are used in nearly three out of four gun-related homicides in the United States.