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Bot tasks[edit]

  1. Special:Double redirects
  2. Interwiki linking
  3. Commons delinking:
    • Bot would relink images that I personally moved on commons. <- (most of the usage will be this)
    • Bot would remove images that I personally deleted on commons. <- (I don't expect to do this at all)
      1. Images incompatible with commons are also generaly incompatible with Wikinews
      2. I am an inclusionist so for me deleting something is the last resort.
      3. I would upload them locally if fair-use applies, which isn't always a possibility.
      4. Being a commons admin I can delete any file on commons and when I do I want to be able to update wikinews pages so that they do not 'suffer' from this.
  4. Recategorization (per prior consensus)