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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kullu Dussehra - main procession

The Indian death toll has risen to 42 in the past 3 days, after a toxic bootleg liquor has been illegally trafficked throughout Northern India.

Indian Police Forces have arrested and charged over 30 citizens in the southeast region of Lucknow, for the illegal brewing and distributing of the toxic liquor to villagers last week. The extensive circulation was a result of the Hindu “Dussehra” festival in Azamgarh, where the villagers celebrate with the exchange of food and alcohol.

The District Magistrate Neena Sharma says another 40 people are being treated in hospitals in Uttar Pradesh state, however such deaths are common in India. The poor cannot afford licensed liquor therefore illicit alcohol is spiked with chemicals and pesticides to increase potency, which has a harming effect on users.