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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Syrian governments alleged use of chemical weapons has stimulated the U.S to boost its support of a major Syrian rebel group, a White House official has announced.

Intelligence reports given to the Obama administration have been said to reveal that Syria has used banned weapons, like nerve gas in various attacks that have killed up to 150 people. “The president has said that the use of chemical weapons would change his calculus, and it has,” said security adviser, Benjamin J. Rhodes.

However, the specifics of what constitutes 'military support' was not given. Rhodes stated the shipments would be "responsive to the needs" of the rebels and it would be discussed in congress over the coming weeks. It is speculated that if the U.S were to supply weapons they would be delivered to Turkey or Jordan, then over the Syrian border to rebel-held properties.

Washington has passed the information regarding Syrian use of chemical weapons on to Russia, Syria's ally. Russia is said to be the biggest obstacle to the UN Security Council bringing international action against Syria.

The Syrian civil war has been going on for over two years and has left 90 000 dead, with the average month toll rising throughout this year. One of the latest attacks was a rebel attack on Damascus airport on Thursday, although no one was killed in this attack.

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