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La Massana (Andorra), The UCI MTB Mountain Bike Trials World Championship took place this week between September 2nd and 5th. The men started in two disciplines, 20" (inch) and 26" wheel bicycles, and the women in one Open besides juniors competitions.

On Friday Janine Jungfels (Australia) took the title on the women course with a result of 22 dabs. Tatiana Janickova (Slovakia, 32 dabs) and Nina Reichenbach (Germany, 33) reached two and three. Later the same day Abel Mustieles (Spain) won the men competition on 20" bikes with 22 dabs ahead of Lucien Leiser (Switzerland, 34) and Benito Ros (Spain, 36).
On Saturday afternoon Vincent Hermance (France) got the title for men in two runs through five courses on the 26 inch bikes with 23 dabs. Second and third were Jack Carthy (Great Britain, 25 dabs) and Kenny Belaey (Belgium, 26).

In mountain bike trials sport the starters have 2 or 3 trials of 2 minutes each in 5 different courses. The courses are constructed on dry ground as well as through small water streams. They go and jump by bike on obstacles of wood, rocks or concrete usually between 1,50 meters and 2,50 meters high. The rules are roughly: Putting a foot or hand down is one "dab" (penalty), two feet at the same time or exceeding 2 minutes is five dabs. Winner is the one with fewest dabs. The main skills needed are handling the bike, jumping and balance.

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