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About me

Hey all, and welcome to my user page.

I am an experienced editor on Wikipedia, and an admin here. I am registered on many Wikimedia wikis, with my main wiki being Wikinews. I am also an admin on My main areas of expertise are bots and programming.

I have SVN access to MediaWiki, which means I can help develop new features into the Wiki software. I cannot change configuration of Wikimedia wikis or access data. If you have something wikinews-related that needs programming, feel free to tell me about it and i'll give it a go.

If you have constructive criticism, or want help, feel free to leave me a message.

If you have come to complain about one of my actions, be civil, and offer me suggestions on how I can improve.

Thanks, and happy wiki'ing!


To contact me, see the instructions on this page.

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