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A recent increase in violence in the PNG territory of Bougainville province has questioned Bougainville’s chance of future independence.

Bougainville, as an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea, has a current agreement with the Government that involves a referendum 10-15 years after the agreement of autonomy, which was decided in June 2005.

The President, John Momis, says Bougainville won’t be able to hold a referendum on peace, as scheduled from 2015, if the UN does not honour its observer mission agreement. “If the internally developed strategy doesn’t work, to put an end to this problem, then we might have to consider the deployment of a kind of foreign intervention force - not on a big scale like the RAMSI style in the Solomons, but having the presence of peace keepers or peace monitors in Bougainville to encourage those with guns, many of whom are at loggerheads with one another, to dispose of guns.”

The stalled efforts to dispose of the weapons that fuelled the decade long civil war, ten years after a peace agreement ended the conflict, has seen hundreds, possibly thousands of weapons still in the hands of former combatants and criminals.

Due to the financial situation, as well as the lack of expertise of the Bougainvillian Government, calls to the UN have been made to restore peace in the province. The local police Inspector Paul Kamuai, believes all the plans have not been working, most probably because of the financial situation with the Government.


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