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Microchip08 (talk · contribs) made a tool that might be useful, which tries to generate {{topic cat}} markup using Wikidata. It is available on Tool Labs at Javascript is required.


Item selection[edit]

  • To start, type the name of a category (or rather, the name of the matching English Wikipedia page of the category) into the big box at the top. Then hit Enter.
  • If the lookup was unsuccessful, [Not found] will appear on the screen. Please check your spelling.
  • If the lookup was successful, Wikidata information should appear fairly quickly.
  • The raw information from Wikidata can be accessed by clicking the link in the top right corner of the screen.
  • A (normally terse) description of the subject should appear under the text box. If there isn't one, you are requested to click the edit button that should otherwise appear, and add a description to Wikidata yourself.

Template parameters[edit]

  • The three "intro", "image" and "caption" fields will try and autocomplete for you.
  • You should check whether these introductions are apt for Wikinews, and alter them accordingly.
  • You can see a preview of how the current introduction works with the category name at the bottom.
  • Take care to ensure that you replace the indefinite article (a/an) with the definite (the) if required.

Project selection[edit]

  • The nine checkboxes determine whether to render inter-project wikilinks in the template.
  • You can toggle each checkbox on or off accordingly.
  • The tool will attempt to automatically determine the projects that have an appropriate link, and select those checkboxes for you (and deselect those that do not).
  • The tool will also attempt to figure out the correct project pages to link to, and will modify the template accordingly (e.g. s:Author:Cory Doctorow instead of s:Cpry Doctorow).
  • The tool automatically replaces instances of the category name with {{CURRENTNAME}} for easier administration (e.g. when moving categories)


  • Click the Open edit window button.
  • The edit window will be automatically filled with the new template.
  • Use the links in the edit notice to finish everything off if needed.
  • Check your work.
  • Click "save page".