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Interview with Laura D'Asaro Interview was via email on May 9, 2014. These are the exact questions and answers for the interview I had with Laura D'Asaro.

How did the idea of Six Foods and using insects come about?

Laura: I've been off and on vegetarian my whole life for moral and sustainable reasons. When I was studying abroad in Tanzania, I ate a caterpillar and was surprised how delicious it was, and I realized that insects could be that sustainable protein I was looking for. I sent an article to my college roommate, Rose, about eating insects. I never thought Rose would be into the idea (I'm from Seattle and a bit more alternative) but Rose had just been in China and had eaten a scorpion, and she had found it quite tasty, like shrimp without the fishy taste. A few escaped crickets in Rose's dorm room later, we were in business!

How long did take you three to come up with the exact recipe for chirps?

We've been working since October with our chef, Geoff Lukas, Chef De Cuisine at Sofra bakery and has experience in Michelin star restaurants. We tried all chip recipes and refined them until we found the perfect one! Chirps Chips have 3x the protein and half the fat of normal potato chips. Plus they are all natural and gluten free. Why are Chirps so nutritious? Crickets are a tiny superfood. They can be up to 70% protein when dried and 4 crickets can have as much calcium as a glass of milk.

What have been people's reactions to the Six Foods idea?

We've actually been surprised how open people are to trying our cricket chips. People are usually surprised when they first hear, but when they find our about the heath and environmental benefits and then give it a try, they start to question why we don't eat insects. We had a goal to raise $30K on Kickstarter in 30 days to bring our Chirps to a manufacturer and onto a store near you, but we made our goal in just 3 days, and now we have almost 1000 backers and have made over $50K with half the campaign to go. Yahoo did a survey about about our product, and over half of Americans said they'd give it a try!

Why do you feel like it is important to add insects to the diet of Americans?

Crickets are healthy, sustainable, and delicious and 80% of countries are already eating them. Here are the 6 reasons to eat insects:

1. Health: Insects are high in protein (up to 70%), low in fat, and full of vitamins and minerals. Four crickets have as much calcium as a glass of milk! 2. Morality: No cruel factory farming. No hormones. No antibiotics. Just insects being insects. Eating insects is the most humane way to eat meat.

3. Efficiency: Insects are the most efficient living creatures for converting feed to food: Crickets will produce 12 times as much meat as cattle for the same amount of feed.

4. Environment: The livestock industry produces 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all forms of transportation combined, but insects produce 1000x fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cows.

5. Water: It takes over 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef but about 1 gallon to produce one pound of crickets.

6. Taste: But do insects taste good? Well, most of the world thinks so. 80% of countries and 2.5 billion people are already eating them! From grasshopper tacos in Mexico to insect dishes as popular street food in Thailand, the West is missing out on these delicacies. There are 1000+ varieties of edible insects to work with, all with different flavors and nutrition.

When do you plan on launching the products in stores?

We are looking to bring our Chirps to natural food stores starting this fall. However, you can be the first to try our Chirps through Kickstarter.

What other foods are you working on beside chirps and chocolate chirp cookies? We have big plans! We see Chirps as the first product in a line of insect foods to bring insects to American's table. Our ultimate goal is that when you went to the store, you could buy beef burgers, chicken burger, or entoburgers (insect burgers) and that day may be closer than you think! At our Kickstarter launch party, we had over 100 people eating cricket sushi, honeybug tacos, and mealbug arancini. Every bite got eaten :)

Title clarification question[edit]

"Harvard graduates encourage others to eat insects" suggests all Harvard graduates encourage others to do so. Is this the case? - Amgine | t 22:31, 9 May 2014 (UTC)

I am not quite sure how to change the title now that I have created the page, but you could change it to "Three Harvard graduates encourage others to eat insects" Decurry 9 May 2014

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